I hope this message finds you well, as I see that the last one of these was posted a few years ago. I got the book yesterday at a local game shop. I know the book said to just take the book, but I felt that I should give the store a break and just buy it. When I read it, I was instantly intrigued. I thought that it was so cool, and I got into the little role-playing aspect of the whole thing. I was determined to deliver the package on time. I knew I wanted to give it to a stranger, because I felt that it would be a little more fun and exciting. I ended up writing a pen-pal style letter to this unknown stranger. I got a similar anonymous letter left on my car once and it brightened my day. I felt like I could do a similar thing, but with this book. Then today, I was out to lunch with my brother. I had the package and the book with me because I knew that this was my best chance to find someone to receive it. I spotted two college age girls eating across the restaurant. I had to gather up a lot of courage at this point. I didn’t have much experience with approaching random strangers, but I knew it would be worth it. I noticed that they were about to leave, so I had to act fast. I got up, and approached them. I directed my conversation to one of them, just to simplify the package exchange. I just said that I needed to give her the package. She was a little confused, but gracious enough to take the package, sign the ledger, and take the book without much question or complaint. I said thank you and walked away. Although it was a little nerve wracking, the experience was really awesome. Thank you for forcing me out of my comfort zone. This is such a cool idea.

Sincerely, James – Former Stork

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