Delivery in Progress

Another Stork tale I received, this time from a Stork Duo!

My Stork Story… so far…

I was a Kickstarter contributor because I loved the concept of The Stork and was looking forward to being a Stork myself… but then life set in.

Weeks and weeks ago, I received my copy of The Stork in the mail. I’ve been carrying the unopened envelope around in my bag ever since because I knew that once I opened it I’d become The Stork and, well, I just wasn’t ready. But today, suddenly, I *was* ready. It was time and I was excited!

I opened the envelope, and read through The Stork with my mom. We decided to be The Stork together. We followed the instructions (almost perfectly), selected a Recipient and an appropriate Package. We will be making the Delivery this evening (to a Stranger even! or at least someone I only know online and will be meeting for the first time in person today.) I can’t wait!

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